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Cowboys, Dak Prescott take next step toward potential divorce

The Cowboys have had chances to get quarterback Dak Prescott signed to a long-term deal. They’ve consistently failed to offer enough to get him to accept. Now, Prescott has more

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Super-agers show resistance to tau and amyloid accumulation

Super-agers, or individuals whose cognitive skills are above the norm even at an advanced age, have been found to have increased resistance to tau and amyloid proteins, according to research

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Britain publishes plans to keep internal trade flowing after Brexit

Britain publishes plans on Thursday to keep trade flowing freely between its constituent nations when regulatory powers are reclaimed from the European Union at the end of the year and

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Former Ubisoft devs team up for new Canadian studio, Beans

Former Ubisoft developers Gabriela Salvatore and Dean Evans have partnered up for a new venture called Beans. Yes, Beans. Like the vegetable you buy in cans, but only when they’re

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Teenagers are using face masks to dress up as old people and buy booze

Cheeky teens are using coronavirus face coverings to dress up as pensioners and buy booze. Donning the face coverings to hide their youthful looks, they make a few adjustments to

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Green Energy And The Race To Save The Earth by Danes

Green energy is increasing in popularity of late, due to the current economic downturn everyone is aware of. Implementation of green energy is relatively inexpensive when it comes to the

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