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Some owners want to take financial hit from pandemic over next two years

The NFL Players Association wants the financial consequences of the pandemic to be absorbed by the salary cap from 2022 through 2030. Some owners want to take the hit sooner

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Simple twist of DNA determines fate of placenta

The development of the mammalian placenta depends upon an unusual twist that separates DNA’s classic double helix into a single-stranded form, Yale researchers report July 15 in the journal Nature.

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UBS will no longer be able to contest client data sent to France tax authorities

UBS (UBSG.S) will no longer be informed or be able to contest customer data the Swiss tax authorities hand over to counterparties in France investigating alleged tax avoidance, a Swiss

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The seven treasures of Ultimate Play the Game

“How did you track me down? Can you give me more information?” David Westland has every right to be hesitant. I’ve just emailed him, out of the blue, to ask

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Woman who saved ‘dog’ from road warned it’s a fox – but it’s actually neither

Earlier this week, a woman took to Facebook, claiming she’d found a dog on the side of a road in Omagh, Northern Ireland. She shared a snap of the creature

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