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Cheeky teens are using coronavirus face coverings to dress up as pensioners and buy booze.

Donning the face coverings to hide their youthful looks, they make a few adjustments to their clothing and hair and find themselves walking out of the stores with bags of drink, before posting the results on social media.

The craze is sweeping the video sharing social media app TikTok as the teens exploit the coronavirus crisis to avoid being asked for ID for the alcohol.

Multiple videos show underage drinkers applying white powder to their hair to mimic the greying locks of senior citizens and donning older-style clothes before dropping in on the liquor store.

One even decided to don medical gloves to hide her youthful skin on her hands, while the mask covered her young face.

Unsurprisingly, several video posts have gone viral, with some in the millions of views.

Some describe the videos as ‘pranks’ but others were quick to point out it was illegal.

On TikTok, one 18-year-old said she used baby powder in her hair and tucked some into a scarf to make her look ‘matronly’.

Complete with sunglasses and face covering, she managed to buy a bottle of wine without being challenged.

Excited, she tells her followers she is “shaking”.

She added that if she had been challenged to provide ID, she would have “said I had forgotten it in the car and left the store.”

Another viral hit shows a girl of unknown age apply her costume in her bedroom before driving to a shop.

Accompanied by pals, she puts on an OAP mask from a costume shop, with fake hair that covers her face.

Her mates film her secretively as she walks through the shop, mimicking the frail gait of an elderly lady.

She emerges victorious with a shopping bag packed with tins of booze, as her friends laugh excitedly.

While some have crazed the teens for their “creativity”, others point out it is illegal and that posting the evidence on social media might not be the smartest move.

In the UK, everyone will have to wear face coverings inside a shop nine days from now.

The new rules, which come into play on July 24, are being welcomed by most in the medical community.

If you fail to cover your face while visiting a supermarket or High Street shop you may be fined £100.

The law is aimed at stemming the spread of coronavirus, amid fears of a second spike especially once the weather becomes colder.

Deaths have fallen in recent weeks but with more people out in shops, and nail parlours and tattoo studios now open, the Government has decided now is the time for mandatory face coverings.